Art Era Salon Studio Story

You will find yourself lost in a unique and exquisite space filled with the peaceful beauty of ancient Saigon while experiences various services from Art Era. This is also a Vietnam architecture that won the first prize of the Small Housing category of the 2015 World Architecture Festival held in Singapore. The architect said himself: “Saigon is changing too fast, for us, this change cannot be called development, it is destructive: destroying cultural values, architecture … and our beautiful memories of Saigon”. Sharing the same concern, we tried our best to remain the original idea of the house and bring the best traditional and cultural services with outstanding premium products for all of our services.

What makes us special?

Art Era Salon – Studio is a place where you can find multiple services and products with just one stop. Life is hard enough already, let us make it a little easier for you. Here is where you can make yourself beautiful, read some books and have a coffee or even shopping at the same time. It’s like you are walking down a street while not actually going anywhere.



Art Era always accompanies and supports our partners on their journey of development and working process. provide the best support to our Partners throughout start-up and development. Create a united and cohesive community that shares a common orientation and ideals


Services & Activities

Next to the beauty services and entertaining activities, we also create opportunities for customers to immerse themselves in an artistic and cultural world with monthly workshops & Events with different suppliers by various attractive topics.


co-working spaces

In addition to spaces that equipped with supplies as a beauty salon - spa services. Art Era also provides classrooms and workshops. With a moderate amount of capital, you can start your own business and start your own journey.


Happy Customers

Approximately 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, Art Era has a large number of close and engaged customers over the years. By carefully selecting our partners, Art Era ensures to bring the best quality services to our customers.

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