We want to make your salon experience as unique and memorable as you are. Our mission is to consistently bring you the freshest styles and ideas, by keeping up with the current trends and to serve customers with integrity and give superior customer service consistently with a happy relentless attitude, whether it be a massage, facial, nail or hair service you can expect the very best.

Art Era offers a variety of services including hairdressing, manicure & pedicure, massage, relaxation, makeup. Especially the hairdressing and massage services here we are focusing on using natural and traditional products that some have gradually become oblivious in the era of innovation as today.

Shampoo with Honey Locust

Since ancient times, Honey Locust has been used by generations of Vietnamese people to nourish their hair by boiling Honey Locust to wash their hair instead of using shampoo products, hair care products these days. Shampooing with Honey Locust, it will your hair to be black, silky, grow faster, helping to eliminate problems on the scalp and hair.

But gradually, these traditions become old and replaced with shampoos containing chemicals and fragrances or expensive imported shampoos that forget the benefits of nature. In the fruit of the honey locust, there is a mixture of flavonozit and saponaretin, both of which have antiviral effects. Saponin works to stimulate hair growth, treat hair loss, treat dandruff, treat scalp itch effectively.

You can experience the natural honey locust shampoo every time you come to Art Era, where we use boiled honey locust and honey locust shampoo. You will truly feel the most quintessential comes from nature.

Salt-water foot soak

Foot soak is a simple, long-term, effective life-sustaining spell that can be applied to four seasons, everyone should do it, not just for the elderly and the weak. Salt-water foot soak is even more miraculous, not only has the effect of liver tonic, kidney tonic, brain relaxation, deep sleep and restrain aging…

Your feet play a very important role in body health. There are many acupuncture points and hundreds of meridians associated with the hexagonal organs, and parts all over the body.

In Western medicine, experts liken the feet as a “second heart” to contain many nerve endings, reflecting the cerebral cortex, taking care of the feet to increase blood circulation, help the body stay healthy.

Foot soak with hot water (the best temperature between 40-50 degrees Celsius) and granular salt is one of the simple ways to take care of your feet best, especially for middle-aged people.

Using hot water-soaked, washing feet is a way to create a benign stimulus, to stimulate the nerve roots, help strengthen memory, bring comfort and lightness to the legs and brain.

Below are the health benefits when combining Foot soak with warm salt water:

Note: People with kidney disease should not do this.

Renal supplement, anti-aging

After a whole day of work, if you can have a foot soak, you will find that both your mind and body are completely relaxed, fully regulated. Especially foot soak at 9 pm is the best time to take up the kidneys because, at this time of the day, the blood pump of the kidneys weakened, foot soak makes the body heat increase, dilated blood vessels should help blood circulation, increase blood circulation.

The human foot is the most remote way, using salt-water foot soak can make effective ingredients in salt enter the kidneys and hearts, at the same time enhance blood circulation, thereby gaining kidney-tonic, anti-aging effects.

Treatment of colds and flu

The cold weather caused the limbs to be as cold as ice, and some people with insufficient blood would lead to this phenomenon. People with cold limbs are also susceptible to colds.

Foot soak with salt-water can enhance blood circulation, eliminate the coldness in your limb, so it works against colds.

Sleep well

Salt-water foot soak regularly, combined with acupressure, can enhance blood circulation, enhance metabolism. This helps the body to rest, restore physical strength, enhance memory and relax the mind.

Many people often have trouble sleeping when they reach middle age, but if you use warm water and salt to soak your feet regularly at night will help you get a better sleep..

Warm water and salt stimulate the nerve endings in the feet, while soaking the feet gently will positively affect the nervous system, stimulate blood circulation, regulate blood circulation and improve, Help balance the body, improve sleep.

Dispel fatigue

People who are tired can also use this therapy to relax. Workers or office workers during the day should also use this method. Soaking your feet in salt-water helps your body warm up from the inside, blood circulation and metabolism to all parts of your body to help you relax.

Arthritis pain relief

In the composition of salt, there are cations (positive) and nation (negative) that helps balance the body, when combined with hot water will affect the joints according to the mechanism of “hot, cold, contraction”. So if you are suffering from painful joints of arthritis, peripheral neuritis … then you should use this method.

“Expel” cold chi energy out of the body

When the weather gets cold, many people will feel uncomfortable, even insomnia occurs because their feet are cold despite being rolled in warm blankets. The phenomenon of cold hands and feet is because the blood circulation is not good because the foot is the most distant part of the heart. At this time, salt-water foot soak is the best to enhance blood circulation to warm your body. After soaking, dry and wrap your feet in a dry towel to keep your feet warm.

Skin diseases

You can treat foot fungus and nail fungus by soaking your feet in hot water and salt. Because salt is one of the best skin care ingredients, especially foot skin care because it can moisturize and exfoliate, reduce inflammation, relieve itching, pain, aches, and antiseptic ability. So the skin is both cleaner and faster to recover due to fungal infections.

Eliminate keratin, reduce foot odor

Foot soaking not only gives you a feeling of comfort, relaxation, but also an effective way to help you deal with foot odor. Soak your feet regularly for a clean, fragrant foot.

Note: Salt-water foot soak might be good, but you should not abuse it, the temperature should not exceed 45 – 50 degrees Celsius during less than 30 minutes. People with heart disease, stroke, varicose veins, diabetes should pay close attention to while having salt-water foot soak.

source: www.dkn.tv/tin-tuc